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You don’t need to take our word for it – the proof is in the pudding. Have a look at the success stories associated with some of our recent clients below.

A Toolkit For Speech Language Pathologists

The founders of SLP Toolkit came to us with an idea. We helped them through validation and launched their app to gain over 1000 signups in under 3 months!

SLP Toolkit Web App

We’ve said this a million times, but we have so appreciated all of your and Isaac’s feedback throughout this process. You have taken our idea, helped us hone it, and continue to keep us thinking about considerations moving forward. Your advice has been invaluable, and your sensitivity to things like budget throughout the process has also been appreciated.”

- Lisa Kathman, Founder
- SLP Toolkit

The Journey

SLP Toolkit allows you to be the very best version of you. This core purpose centered around improving efficiency was the catalyst for a great app. "Be your /best/" is the mantra of this progressive web app that is transforming the work day for speech language pathologists everywhere. Shaving off needless hours of paperwork, extra time can be spent where it counts - with the students.

This didn't happen all at once, and creating something that others find useful is a challenging task. We started by defining the target customer as a school-based SLP, even though many types of goal-oriented teachers would ultimately be the target. This allowed us to pick features and design the app specifically for the way school-based SLPs work, and market the app specifically for school-based SLPs. Reducing targets saves a lot of time and money for budding companies.

With the help of our Blueprint process, the founders of SLP Toolkit worked tirelessly during development to get feedback and validate their ideas. This resulted in a successful launch and over 1000 signups in less than three months!

Searching For Autoparts In A Fractured Industry

The founders of Parts Detect wanted to make life easier for mechanics. However, uniting part vendors in an intuitive and simple way posed a technical challenge that most other companies cannot tackle.

Parts Detect Mobile App

Working with Boundless was a privilege, a pleasure, and an immeasurable benefit to turning Parts Detect into a reality. Paul and Isaac’s guidance and insights were a crucial part of our planning and strategy. They strengthened our product through streamlining processes, solving very complex technical issues and polishing our UI/UX to be spotless and elegant. I came to them with more questions and concerns than I can remember, yet they came through each time in a professional and pleasant manner. I’ll definitely be coming back for our next big idea.”

- Aleks Basalilov, Founder
- PartsDetect

The Journey

The vision: Parts Detect allows automotive repair professionals and enthusiasts to find aftermarket and OEM parts within seconds. Just scan the VIN barcode and search on a part to see location, warranty, quantity, and availability from different providers. The app eliminates time-consuming searching and vehicle matching by automating the end-to-end process.

To make this happen, BOUNDLESS devised an algorithm to blend search results from multiple vendors. This was no small task since there is no standard to match parts with vehicle year, make, and model. Each vendor has it's own search interface, and integration is a challenge.

With the help of our Blueprint process, the founders of Parts Detect have been able to stay focused on mechanics and meet their needs first, before branching out to do-it-yourselfers and other car enthusiasts. Startups need to reduce their targets to win, and Parts Detect has done a fantastic job zeroing in on what's important to get off the ground.

A Better Way To Find Your Next Meal

Most food apps allow you to find good restaurants, but MUNCHLand's ambitious founder wanted a way to find local menu items according to diet preferences and allergens.

Munchland Web App

BOUNDLESS worked with us from the time our app was just a concept until it was a fully working production grade app. They were able to take the ideas in our heads and create an excellent product. Even when those ideas changed in the middle of development they were easy to work with and very accessible. They were even able to improve some of our ideas whether it resulted in cost savings or making a better app. I look forward to working with BOUNDLESS on future projects!"

- Jay Borders, Owner/CEO

The Journey

Ever wanted to find a low-carb meal near you? Or wonder where you can get a gluten free meal at restaurants located in your area? MUNCHLand is the app that can connect you to healthy eating where ever you go. Getting a list of restaurants around you is easy. And because more and more people are becoming health conscious, getting nutritional information at a given restaurant is easy if you request it. But this is the first app that lets you start with your health concerns, and find nearby meals across many restaurants that meet your criteria! Just set your allergen and health preferences to get started, and the app gives you actual menu items from places near you! It’s that easy.

BOUNDLESS worked with the founder to break through a number of obstacles. Plenty of nutritional data is available for various restaurant menu items on the web or from 3rd party service providers. However, none of those providers organize the data in a searchable way for users that start with nutrition or with allergens. A custom database was needed, and it had to work fast for hungry users!

MUNCHLand was born in Chicago and will soon be expanding to markets all across The States. People with food allergies and those who are health-conscious enjoy the ease of finding specific menu items tailored to fit their needs. This app is truly unique in how simple and intuitive your next meal search has become!

Insanely Simple Digital Signage

A professional quality digital signage system designed and built from scratch is a tall order, but the founder of SQUIZZ had a vision of simplicity that many small business owners love.

Digital Signage Mobile App

BOUNDLESS did a great job developing my software/hardware signage system. After two other unsuccessful attempts by other supposedly highly regarded software developers, BOUNDLESS came through with everything I was hoping for and more. It felt like a partnership from day one. They genuinely cared about the success of my project. Each challenge was met head on with a viable and cost-effective solution. BOUNDLESS was constantly offering creative ideas and innovative ways to ensure the success of the project. The management team also understood that I did not know all the technical facets of what I wanted, and explained to me what was being performed in a way that clearly made sense. They have all the bases covered with regard to software and hardware development.”

- Chris Oar, Owner
- SQUIZZ Digital Signage

The Journey

At Outback Media, Chris was looking for an ultra-simple and high quality solution for small business digital signage. All the options out there required complex schedule and zone setups with consultations and training that most business owners just don’t have time for! He wanted to offer something better, and needed a strong technology partner to make it all happen. BOUNDLESS handled media player firmware and server-side code to provide a solution where other technology firms failed. The beta version of SQUIZZ has been tested with a number of companies, and the results have been fantastic.

Big projects require smaller steps to make them manageable. The initial version of SQUIZZ hit the nail on the head to provide a simple drag-n-drop way to display pictures, video, and documents on any display with an HDMI port. Based on feedback received from beta testers, it was decided to build a Pro version of the software to improve the interface and include a couple more features. This version is currently under development and will be released in Q4 of 2016. Stay tuned!

A Sports Hobby Turned Full-time Business

The founder of UBB wanted to turn his hobby into a cutting-edge product that nobody in the sports card industry had seen before. So we gave him an app that crushed his competition.

Ultimate Box Breaks Mobile App

Great App Good stuff B! MikeyB here! Download this app NOW!!! Best breaking site in the world!"
-Mike B, 5 stars!

Love Ultimate box breaks Its the easiest,funniest and safest way to break the box's of sports cards your looking for! Awesome."
-William Gelhar, 5 stars!

From typow - If you don't like this app, then get outta my face. It's rad."
-Tyler Powell, 5 stars!

The Journey

Over at Ultimate Box Breaks, the founder runs group breaks for NFL trading card boxes. What is a group break, you ask? It's a group of sports cards enthusiasts, each buying a portion of an unopened box of cards with teams being randomly assigned to each person. The box is opened live on camera so everyone participating can see what comes out. A typical e-commerce site was first used to run this unique business, and it was not cutting the mustard! So we built the founder a one-of-a-kind system.

Before UBB expanded into multiple sports (we took care of that too), the home page showed members exactly what NFL product was on sale. After adding NBA and MLB products on additional pages, however, it was no longer so clear what was on sale and when the next product was going on sale. Users wanted a simplified view of exactly when these limited products were available, so we built an app with the real-time information UBB members were craving.

UBB is all about interaction and up-to-date information. Members can watch the live stream, and push notifications keep them informed with alerts for spots on sale, trade confirmations, draft starting, and more. The app keeps members engaged by reaching out, so they don't need to constantly check and see if something is happening, and the response has been exceptional. The suite of apps built by BOUNDLESS has enabled the founder to quadruple his members and crank up the revenue!

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