Actionable Advice on Getting Started

Why haven't I been able to get traction for my revolutionary idea?

Revolutionary startup ideas fail.

At what point do you consider a startup idea successfully validated?

5 steps to validate your idea.

How do I know if my idea is any good?

Here’s the sure-fire test to determine if an idea is worth pursuing.

How do I get the word out when launching an app?

Always start with these things. Do other things too, but always do these specific things.

What exactly is an MVP?

An MVP is more than just landing pages, paper prototypes, and free versions of an app.

How should I structure a contract for app development?

If you’re contracting with a development firm in the standard way, you’re likely getting handled by sales.

What Can I Do To Validate My Idea?

Although personal interviews are the most important way of getting feedback, additional input from bulk sources helps to validate that your…

Where Can I Find My Target Customers?

Customer development… Interviews… They sound great in theory, but finding people to interview and then actually sitting down with someone is hard.

How do I get started building an App?

I read a great quote recently (can’t remember where) stating that with all the startup talk these days, people have forgotten how to finish…

How do I make sure I'm targeting the right users?

Your Target Users Are Not Who You Think.

How will I know if my App is successful?

Despite all of the promotion for “do what you love”, most people automatically think about money when they hear the term success.

How can I stop all the noise and worry in my head concerning my startup?

Get Organized and Stay Focused.

Do I really need to define a core purpose?

Yep. Read about how it actually gets used.

My previous app development contracts didn't work out well, what would you suggest?

Traditional Software Contracting Is Broken.

What do you think about Phonegap vs Native?

Why Platform Independence Is Awesome!

How much will my app cost?

Apps Are Like Hamburgers.

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