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Entrepreneurs have great ideas, but sometimes it can be hard to find the right partner. We're here to help. Boundless works with entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into successful apps.

Create Apps That People Use and Love

“Through creativity and innovation, contribute to the advancement of technology.”

That’s the company purpose we penned a decade ago, and it hasn’t changed since. Admittedly, the wording is a bit stuffy, but the core idea is spot-on. It’s the reason we love getting up in the morning, and it is the fuel behind everything we do. We love to create, and there is something special about building things that other people use and love every day.

We find that entrepreneurs typically share this drive to create, and helping tech startups build their web & mobile apps allows us to fulfill our purpose. We don’t cut corners, we don’t use aging technologies, and we don’t use do-it-yourself frameworks… because that’s not awesome. With over 30 years of collective experience, we’ve learned how to build rock-solid systems from nothing, and we know how to shape ideas into products.

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Position Your App For Success

Get buy-in and test market viability with proven methods by launching your minimum viable product (MVP).

Building an app and launching a startup is no small task, and those with experience know that having an MVP is a key first step. One of the most important aspects of a successful MVP is a focus on customer-driven development. This means that talking to your potential customers as you develop your ideas and your app is crucial. Find a small group of people that fit your target customer profile and chat with them about the pain points they have. Discuss the solution to those problems and arrive at a pricing model that they're willing to pay for. Remaining focused on the top pain points, you can now develop and launch your MVP.

Staying flexible during this process allows your customers to drive development, and this is where other companies fall apart. Most software contracts are set up to favor the contracting company instead of the product. We have a fixed effort contract geared toward building the right functionality for the right target user, and it's all centered around customer-driven development. Staying true to this concept makes each and every project a success.

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We Know Web and Mobile Apps

We’ve honed our development skills and identified methods ideal for startups.

We position ourselves as a technology partner, helping out with strategy and development for your app and your company in the most cost effective way. Taking on the roll of an experienced technical co-founder, we fill the void for startups that are unable or unwilling to find one.

Our services include:

  • Consulting for all things web & mobile
  • UX & graphic design makes your app shine
  • Cutting-edge development leaves aging tech in the dust
  • Deployment & support for your app
  • Marketing support to get customers

We build apps across all industries for the following:

  • iPhones & iPads
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV & Smart TVs
  • Android smartphones & Tablets
  • Web platforms of all kinds

Success Stories & Happy Clients

Combined with the drive to create, our proven methods and deep experience are tough to beat. We work hard to select and develop the right kind of apps with the right kind of people behind them.

Working with Boundless was a privilege, a pleasure, and an immeasurable benefit to turning Parts Detect into a reality. Paul and Isaac’s guidance and insights were a crucial part of our planning and strategy. They strengthened our product through streamlining processes, solving very complex technical issues and polishing our UI/UX to be spotless and elegant. I came to them with more questions and concerns than I can remember, yet they came through each time in a professional and pleasant manner. I’ll definitely be coming back for our next big idea.”

- Aleks Basalilov, Founder

Building Apps In Phoenix For Over a Decade

We've been helping entrepreneurs like you build great apps for a long time.

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At BOUNDLESS, my co-founder and I have over 35 years of collective experience building software. We’ve helped many startups clarify their ideas, find workable solutions, and build their apps. We would love to talk with you about your next great app and how we can help.

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